Third-party database that syncs with Ghost membership database?

Ok, hear me out. I need a way to authenticate my members and their membership tier on third party apps (SmartTV apps). Because ghosts only authentication is magiclink, I’m going to need to get creative.

My initial thought would be to use Zapier to continually update an off-site database with my member list and then let my 3rd part apps use that off-site DB to authenticate.

I’m looking at Supabase, but I’m wondering if anyone has a suggestion for another option to do this? Should I just host my own mySQL?

If you ask 3 people, you’ll probably get 3 different opinions on that :smiley:

It will depend on how much you want to do yourself. Supabase has authentication built in. Your own MySQL would not have that. You’ll need to build that from scratch.

On the other hand, Supabase’s hosted version costs a monthly fee. The self-hosted version needs active management (server, updates, etc.).

Finally, it will also depend on your SmartTV app infrastructure. What’s that built on? Are there synergies you could use? A framework that has a Supabase SDK? Or you already need a separate database anyway?

I’d rather approach the topic like this. Have a look at your stack, decide what you want to spend on it (both time and effort), then compare the solutions.

To throw another one into the race, I personally use Appwrite and host it myself. Both for database usage and authentication – these three aspects were the deciding factor for me on that solution.

Thanks for the great response, lots to think about. I took a quick look at AppWrite - that free tier seems like an interesting place to start.

It appears they have the database and authentication builtin?

Yeah, they recently launched a cloud-based version as well. Before that it was only self-hosted. The price is better than Supabase, imo, especially for projects just starting out.

And yes, database and authentication is built in.

There is, however, no Zapier integration. Appwrite does have an API and could even run functions that do the synchronisation for you. It is a more developer-focussed product though and less used than Supabase (which is probably why there is no Zapier integration yet).