Timezone for post/page publish time is always shown as "(IST)"

In the page/post settings (for either draft or published articles), the date and time values are correct for my timezone - Europe/London - but the value in parentheses - which I’m assuming represents a timezone - always shows “(IST)”:


Google tells me that IST is “India Standard Time”.

I can’t find any reference in Ghost config to a timezone, so I’m not sure where this is being pulled from?

Using the date command to verify my system timezone, it’s shown as BST (British Summer Time), which is correct.

It’s obviously not a huge problem, but seeing the wrong timezone listed annoys the perfectionist in me, whenever I go to page/post settings!

@GainfulShrimp it’s an unfortunate side-effect of how we store and display timezones, without a location included with the timezone the display in the admin area can show a timezone that is correct but appears wrong. There’s more detail in this topic:

Thanks @Kevin for the quick response and clear explanation. Irish Standard Time is a better fit than India Standard Time haha.
I agree with your comments in the linked question that it’s crazy that IST is apparently used for three different timezones! Ah well…