Toggles - Changelog

Use the new Toggle cards to create collapsible sections of text in your posts and pages. Great for creating distinct sections in your content, or adding an FAQ section.

When should I use Toggles?

Toggles allow you to create collapsible sections of content which is a great way to make your content less overwhelming and easy to navigate. A common example is an FAQ section, like this one.

Where can I take Ghost for a spin?

Start a free 14-day trial here. You won't be billed at the end, and you'll have access to all features.

Is it still Cardmas?

It is 🎄 see the full 12 days of Cardmas

See the post: Toggles

This is so good! I just updated my FAQ page. It was a breeze and looks so much better now. A very big THANK YOU!


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