12 days of Cardmas

As we approach the end of the year, we're excited to share that we've been working behind the scenes on some powerful new cards for the Ghost editor β€” and we're going to release all of them before the year is out!

Consider it a special gift from us to you. It's officially Cardmas πŸŽ„ (sorry).

As a team, we wanted to work on some of the most highly requested features publishers have been asking for, and so we're wrapping up (sorry) the year with a flurry of fun additions.

These new cards are going to provide you with many more ways to include dynamic content in your posts and email newsletters β€” including buttons, NFT embeds, GIFs, interactive lists, Tweets, media uploads, and more 🀫

We'll announce each new card throughout the month of December. The first of which is one that's launching today, and has been a long time coming...

GIFs in Ghost

If a picture is worth a thousand words then a GIF is worth a thousand pictures. Express yourself with moving cats and talking dogs in Ghost.

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Looking forward to the others! Thanks!

Hi guys,

Thanks for the Christmas gifts.

Regarding the callout cards is it possible to have them close by default instead of open ?

Many thanks,

Interactive list? I wonder what it would be.

Media uploads are already there or is something different?

Check out Toggles which landed today :)

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Amazinngggg :pray:, thanks

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I really like this, nice work Ghost team!

Hi, I’d like to confirm whether the NFT card is communicating with third parties at all?

If for example its presence in the editor/dashboard contacts a third party server for any reason. Side note: OpenSea is harmful to the art community for several reasons, so for a platform like Ghost talking about empowerment of creative folk, I’m a quite surprised by this integration.

Most importantly, I do not want any of my ghost installations sending ANY ping of any kind to any server involved and would like confirmation of that.

P.S the rest of the cards are amazing.



From a cursory look it appears to behave much in the same way the YouTube, Soundcloud and other embeds work. I think your install would only ping their platform if you were to embed a link of theirs into your site, causing Ghost to recognise the URL pattern and turn it into the NFT card. I won’t be using it either, I’d like to think as long as I don’t use the card I’m not partaking in said space

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