Total post count

Where do I find my total post count? I can’t see how many posts I have?

There’s not a super simple way to do this. However, you can go to your site’s sitemap:

Then, click on posts. It’ll show your total posts there.

Thanks, that works. However, I think this should be much simpler, don’t you think? I’m sure it’s super easy to add a post counter inside the ghost admin. Not sure why it hasn’t been done yet?

You can add your vote to build this feature here: Blog post counter

I use the “internal tag” option for this. It’s a bit of a pain if you have a lot of posts already (although I guess we can edit in bulk now).

But then you can see post counts on your internal tag page:

Does not work because I have cross-tagged posts so one post often times have several tags

I use multiple, overlapping public tags on my stories but only #articles OR #newsletters as far as internal tags. It’s something to consider just so you have the info you want at your own fingertips. I personally like knowing the number.

They could also just perhaps display it somewhere on the back end (which would be great) but maybe there’s a reason they don’t.

Or also when you publish a new post. It tells you the number of posts published right after.

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