Tracking the Version of the Public API


I am writing a script (node) for making requests of my ghost blog’s public api.

So I got the URL of the public endpoint with console.log(ghost.url.api())
And got back a url containing [domain]/ghost/api/v0.1/[args]

So right now we are using version 0.1. of the API.

I assume that this version number will change.

Will v0.1 always be available? And I change the number to a more recent version when I want the newer features?
Or do I need to be aware when the API is updated and update the URL I am calling for these requests?


@aaronmfparr ignore the v0.1 part of the URL, it’s a hangover from an early version of Ghost that’s been kept around for backwards compatibility and won’t change.

Ghost follows semver and the API is a central part of Ghost so no breaking changes will be introduced without a major version bump. You can follow all API changes across versions in the API changelog


Thank you. That v0.1 was looking at me funny. Made me nervous.

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