To Publish a Post with API, v0.1 should be used?

As seen in the v2.1.0 doc for the content api as of Oct. 31st, 2018:


These docs are being deprecated

We’re currently working on an improved API & authentication methods, as well as brand new docs & tools. You’ve caught us at an awkward in between moment. If you really need to use the API right now you’ll need to make sure to use the old v0.1 API. Otherwise please come back towards the end of October '18.

Is that still correct?

Struck me as strange to go all the way back to the 0.1 API (

Given it’s the end of october, I’m feeling a little awkward about following that recommendation.

Need to get some posts published today via an API call.
Given it’s Halloween, I feel obligated to use Ghost.

Is that still correct?

Yes, that’s still correct. There will be announcements in at least the Github release notes and docs available when any new APIs are publicly available.

Got it. Thanks for the speedy response @Kevin

The “v0.1” string in the API is not really related to the API version, it’s a hangover from when we didn’t have versioned APIs which was from the first version of Ghost all the way through until recent 2.x versions.

There will be “v2” APIs available soon and versions will be released in lock-step with major Ghost versions (so “v3” when Ghost 3.0 is released). More docs on that will be available as the APIs are considered ready for general consumption.

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