Transfer certrain functions from Wave into the Casper theme?

Dear community,

I’ve checked out Casper and Wave for my self-hosted version of Ghost. I want to use it for a blog with the occasional podcast post and went with Casper in the end, because it’s more like the magazine-y thing I’m planning. Also Casper unlike Wave has a nice dark-mode which works well with my desired colour palette. On the other side, there are a couple of Wave-functions I really miss in Casper:

1a) The way the subscribe button in the header works in Wave. I’d love to use it in Casper exactly like the button in Wave. Meaning: Popping up a couple of links with nice icons and linking to my podcast on different platforms like Apple, Google, Spotify, fyyd and so on. Instead of that portal thing, which I probably won’t use in the beginning. Ideally though, there should still be a contact form or a link to the portal of some sort. Just not where it is now :slight_smile:

1b) Same goes for these buttons in the footer. I want people to easily be guided to wherever they usually get their podcast. The more chances the better. Ideally there’d even be a fixed button which won’t be “scrolled away” but that’s very optional.

1c) In the best of all worlds I could also edit these links like you can in the “site-wide” settings of Wave but I’m game for doing some good ole text editing, too.

  1. I really love that “hosted by” section in Wave. Example: 150: It is Podcasts All the Way Down (Look at the bottom) Basically, it’s just the authors and that will most often just be me. But I’ll also definitely have guests from other podcasts and media and they should get their due credit and I’d love to post links to their Twitter and other social media profiles. Is it possible optionally insert author “cards” at the end of the article when I have guests? Or is that already taken up by the author class on the top of the page where the author is named?

I know this is a lot, but any help is appreciated. I’m not lazy and I’m all about learning this but I just don’t know where to start.


Edit: typos and some unfinished words.