Translate text of the "subscribe" button

Is there any way for me to translate the subscribe button found in subscribe_form.hbs without altering the core code?

Yes, see 2. Ensure core templates in theme in the internationalization docs:

  • subscribe_form.hbs - copy from core/server/helpers/tpl/subscribe_form.hbs to content/themes/mytheme/partials

and an example.

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Thank you! I just completely missed this.

Could somebody please update link to the subscribe_form.hbs in Ghost repo? I cannot find it through Google search and searching through the cloned repo on my PC.

Copying this default hbs content to ‘…/partials’ didn’t work:

<form method="post" action="{{action}}" class="{{form_class}}">
{{! This is required for the form to work correctly }}

<div class="form-group{{#if error}} error{{/if}}">
    {{input_email class=input_class placeholder=placeholder value=email autofocus=autofocus}}
<button class="{{button_class}}" type="submit"><span>{{t "Subscribe"}}</span></button>
{{! This is used to get extra info about where this subscriber came from }}

{{#if error}}