How to change the copy on the subscribe page

Is there any way to change the copy / text on the subscribe page?


It currently says “Subscribe to {{@blog.title}}” but it’s hooked up to our Mailchimp (with double opt in) via Zapier and as such people are actually signing up to our newsletter, which includes the blog along with other things

I can’t see where I can edit this at all

Any help would be greatly appreciated

It’s possible to override the default subscribe.hbs and subscribe_form.hbs by creating files in your theme with the same name (it’s useful to copy/paste the file contents to provide a starting point).

The info about overrides is on the theme docs page for the subscribers feature but it’s hard to spot. I’ve opened an issue to get that looked at :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Kevin, thank you so much for your quick response - however, I’ve tried this a few times now and still can’t get it to work - could you possibly tell me if I’m missing something? I did the following:

  1. Created a subscribe.hbs and a subscribe_form.hbs in the partials folder for my theme (Curious)

  2. Copy and pasted the contents from the two links that you sent: subscribe.hbs and subscribe_form.hbs

  3. Edited lines 49 and 65 of subscribe.hbs (e.g. changed ’ <h1>Subscribe to {{@blog.title}}</h1>’ to ‘<h1>Subscribe to the My Swft newsletter</h1>’)

  4. Compressed and uploaded the theme - every other change that I have made is great but I just can’t seem to get the text on Domain error to update from Subscribe to The My Swft Blog

Any help would be hugely appreciated

Thanks in advance,


I believe they need to go in the root folder of your theme rather than the partials folder.

subscribe_form.hbs is working from my partials folder.

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