Trouble with @blog.cover_image


My site:

I have been trying to adjust my site as I’m still getting it set up. The issue I have is that the @blog.cover_image is pulling an image I want to change. What is confusing is that I use the Windows Ghost core program which is awesome for posts and changes. I went into it and the option says Publication Cover under settings. I deleted the previous image and uploaded the one I want which has been resized and optimized. When I reload the page and look at the page source it is pulling an old image.

I even tried going to and went through the same steps but still pulling the wrong image.

So how do I change where the @blog.cover_image points to? Was there an update that @blog.cover_image should be changed to @blog.Publication_Cover?

I’m self-hosting on Digital Ocean.



Did you make sure to save your settings after uploading the cover image? Settings aren’t saved until you click the save button or hit ctrl+s


Thank you for the reply. Yes, that’s pretty basic :slight_smile:


Not sure what was going on but seems like it finally switched to the correct image. Maybe I was just not waiting long enough for the server to replicate.


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