Images on Cloud-Hosted Ghost

I recently moved over to hosting my Ghost blog ( on Azure using their App Service feature.
I used the Ghost-Azure open-source repo to allow me to deploy to Azure.

I have a few issues though:

  1. I upload images inside the editor and they show up but when the post is published, the images don’t show.
  2. I upload a cover photo to my admin portal and it appears on my page but shows as a broken image icon in the portal
  3. Not sure why my social icons are not displaying correctly.

I previously had the exact same setup but recently fell fowl to the issues of right-click publish and accidentally picking the wrong service which overwrote my blog.
So I know it is possible to have the theme looking correct and everything working but for some reason now it is not working. I would love some help please as my blog looks unprofessional with so many issues.

I am on Ghost 2 as well so not a legacy issue.

It looks like you haven’t set the URL in your Azure instance; all of the broken images point to http://localhost:2368 which is the default Ghost URL


It seems to be working now :wink: