Try this updated plugin to import from Jekyll!

Hey guys! I just got my Ghost blog up and running today. Previously, my technical notes were hosted using Jekyll under Github pages. Thanks to the migration guide, I was able to find the unofficial Jekyll to Ghost plugin to start with. Everything went out well, until I tried to import the converted JSON file and got the error asking me to downgrade to 1.0, import, and export… I don’t want to set up another Ghost 1.0 site, though. So again, I refer to the migration example and tweak the code a little bit so that the exported JSON file works fine for Ghost 2.1.4. I’m still working on the author function (unable to extract it properly from Jekyll… yet), but I’ve provided a workaround in README. You’re more than welcome to try this out! And please let me know how it goes.

Github repo:

Thanks for reading!!!

This is awesome. Thanks for sharing! Let know about the progress and probably worth doing a PR to the original plugin, so people could make use of your work :wink:

Thanks Naz! I’ve added the author extraction function and tested it. Everything works fine. There’s just an extra step - that is, one would need to use the tryghost/migrate tool to get mobiledocs generated. I have created a PR under the original repo, hopefully it could get merged in :slight_smile:

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I’ve submitted a pull request to the Jekyll importer that fixes a number of bugs and adds several additional features including:

  • Added support for HTML-formatted context in addition to Markdown
  • Added support for the .markdown file extension
  • Added support for published:false in frontmatter
  • Added support for unquoted dates in frontmatter
  • Added support for basename in frontmatter
  • Improved support for importing tags and categories
  • Imports Jekyll categories as the primary Ghost tag.
  • Better handle empty imports
  • Fix problems reading from the import zip file
  • Documents that internal #jekyll tag is added to imports.
  • Improved importing from blogs hosted at a subdirectory

Many of the code fixes come with automated tests to cover them as well. My pull request which contains all the above changes is here: Jekyll: Fix many bugs, add new features by markstos · Pull Request #506 · TryGhost/migrate · GitHub

All my fixes described above were merged into the official migrate tool.

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