Please how can I import my blog posts from NetlifyCMS

Hello there, I just started using Ghost and I’m trying to find out if I can import blog posts from NetlifyCMS(it is a gatsbyjs website) to ghostCMS. Thanks

A good starting point is the Ghost documentation on importing:

You can also check out the Ghost Migrate project and the projects it supports:

I don’t see NetifyCMS on the list.

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But just because it isn’t on the list doesn’t mean you can’t do a NetlifyCMS import. Those files live in a Github repo. They’re probably markdown files. So you could write a little script that reads each one and imports it through the Ghost API.

Or for a small number of posts, you could just open each one, copy the markdown, and paste it into the Ghost editor. :) Tedious, but cheap.

If you need some paid help with the import, feel free to hit me up. :)

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Yeah, I didn’t see NetlifyCMS on the list, I will follow @Cathy_Sarisky instructions, thanks for reaching out.

Thanks for the info, btw how much do you charge for pay help?

If it’s just a pile of Markdown files, check out the Jekyll importer. What you need would be very similar.


Okay, thanks, I will check out Jekyll importer btw it is markdown files that live github repo. This a link to my blog