Trying to add cors options + custom endpoint to Ghost v5.x


I have been tasked with getting a V2 ghosty repo that is being hosted in Heroku and making it Ghost v5. It currently (v2) does a bunch of custom stuff (like MYSQL + health check endpoint) with some custom CORS configuration:

It isn’t really apparent how to do this kind of thing in the v5 Ghost. This whole thing where you can play with the GhostServer and then when it is setup start it all seems tied up in the boot.js file? Is there a way to add this kind of thing in without having to copy boot.js and cutomize it?

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Ghost v5 doesn’t support this way of working with it.

The way to approach this IMO is to get v5 working, and then determine what the problems you really need to solve are, and then look (or ask) for how Ghost v5 expects that problem to be solved :)

For what it’s worth, we moved away from supporting these kinds of modifications because they created issues with maintenance & support, whilst 99% of the time being used for things that either were already or should have been supported in an official capacity.