Trying to decide between Squarespace & Ghost

Hey All,

I’m going to be setting up a personal blog over the next few weeks. I’ve built Squarespace sites before but with my new blog, I want to incorporate donations in the form of a ‘Buy me a coffee’ style wording approach.

Not sure if I should stick with Squarespace or try something new with

What I potentially like about Squarespace’s Donations is that they can be one off. If someone’s reading one of my posts and likes it, there’s an option for them to donate (if they want - not mandatory).

However, with Ghost, the subscription method looks really robust but, my content would need to be gated in order for someone to donate/subscribe and I don’t think you can have one off payments with Ghost (it needs to be a monthly/annual setup).

Not really sure how I feel about that. I think I like the idea of, donate if you can / when you can approach. Plus, I think if I had people paying monthly it would put a lot of pressure on my end to be creating content all the time. Reading online, a lot of people seem to point towards Ghost if you are setting up a blog.

I’d be curious to hear peoples thoughts?

You can add a tip jar.

But note that what you can and cannot do depends on the hosting package, or whether you’re comfortable self hosting.

You could create and save multiple “snippets” so when you write and post or page. I use it for adding Paypal, btc buttons, even saving long quotes.

Snippet is saved as:

You could also save into your theme so could appear at the bottom of every post too. Easier to update that too if you switched payment merchants.

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