Ghost blog on Squarespace site


I’m looking to at least move my blog from Squarespace to Ghost (possibly the whole site)

My site is:

Is it possible to host a Ghost blog on Squarespace?
I’ve tried searching for this, but cannot find anything.

Any help gratefully received!


No, because Squarespace is it’s own platform. You can probably migrate your content from Squarespace to Ghost. Not sure how much effort that would take, perhaps it’s something Ghost(Valet) can do, or point in you in the direction of a decent Ghost developer.

I suppose what you could so, is host a Ghost blog somewhere else and link to it from your Squarespace site navigation menu. You could probably style it to look the same as your website, but it would be hosted on Ghost. Then you’d just need to import your content. You could probably pay a developer to write your own JSON export script using Ghost’s API:

I agree with @benravetta,

it’s either ghost or squarespace.
May i say, that you’re website design looks pretty clean and minimalistic - so migrating it into a ghost theme, should be pretty straightforward.

I think you could export your squarespace content as xml and convert to json to import it in ghost.

p.s.: Ghost has a little comparison site about squarespace:

Thanks for your feedback on this - got a developer to help me out. Worth it to not stres & get done quicker.