Ugh, posting while traveling

I am an American currently traveling in Scotland and to no surprise my internet is spotty. I thought I was prepared for that by setting up IA Writer on my iPad to work on my draft posts. However, when I move to my ghost install to try to add images it becomes a nightmare. Errors with auto save, and now I can’t do much because I am continually told “Someone else is editing this post.”

Wondering if anyone has any suggestions (other than the obvious only post when you have a strong internet connection).

When moving from mobile to web for editing the same post, completely close one session before opening the other. Because both sessions may be auto-saving and Ghost has no conflict resolution, you can end up in the “Someone else is editing this post” state. I recently posted how to rollback to a previous revision using SQL:

I proposed a fix for a better UX for this case, but no one from the Ghost team has commented on it:

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