Multi access causes data loss

We have found that if a first person edits a post and a second person accesses the post with the CMS, then the first person could no longer save and loses their work.
Ghost doesn’t seem to handle concurrent access to a post correctly.

Have you noticed this? Is there any way of avoiding this?

The second person has to actually do something to trigger an autosave [like open the sidebar and change a tag], but yes, that does happen. (Sometimes it happens to me when I accidentally open two editing tabs, too.)

Ghost isn’t Google Docs. It doesn’t have a way to merge two separate edit requests. If you send a request to edit a page that doesn’t include the last time the post was actually saved, Ghost refuses to save it, and tells you it can’t. The thing to do in that case is to copy the new content somewhere else, reload the page, and paste the content back in.

If you want to do collaborative/simultaneous editing, you probably want to compose somewhere else, and then copy the post in once everyone’s done editing.

Thanks for the feedback.
It’s a shame because ghost is supposed to be a collaborative tool.

When a post is published, there’s no autosave because ghost can’t manage an old published version and a new draft version in parallel. To save, you have to publish, and generally you want to finish the changes before republishing.
And if you don’t republish, the changes aren’t saved, with the risk of losing everything.

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