Unable to view the latest site content on Ghost


I recently set up a latest Ghost Version on latestOS Ubuntu 22.04. As advised by your support team, I got the full content folder from my old site. I zipped it and uploaded on my Digital Ocean droplet using scp. I basically zipped the content folder, uploaded it and unzipped on the droplet.

I also renamed the original content folder and intending to start using the new content folder expecting it to import all my tags, posts, content on new site jayeshkawli.com.

However, when I go to my site address at jayeshkawli.com, it still shows the placeholder posts. I verified that new content folder sits at /var/www/ghost path, but it’s content are not visible on the new URL.

Is there something I am not doing correctly and what steps I can take to fix the issue?


To replicate your original site, you need the contents’ folder, routes and redirects, database or an export of your posts.

Incidently, have you resolved your other issue? If so, please reply, and mark it solved. Thanks.