Unbiased Breaking News, written by AI

I’ve been working on this idea for the past few months. It’s a completely automated news publishing service, that reads the news from around the internet from many different sources, in order to understand what they all seem to agree on, and what seems to be bias, then writes a completely original news post based on what its learned, but without the bias. Everything from the titles, text, images, and summary are all written by AI and everything runs on auto-pilot.

The point is to create a reliable alternative medium for getting the news, in a unique and more fun/entertaining way that is more appealing to people today. It also includes a short easy to read summary for each news story, for people who don’t care to read the full story and quickly want to get the gist of it.

There’s also a automated daily & weekly newsletter, and everything is 100% free.

Please let me know what you think!

Feedback, suggestions, critiques are welcome : )



nice website. How you generate images?

Although I can tell most of the content is written by AI due to its repetitive nature, it is pretty good, did not see any fabricated information or incorrect facts. AI is known to hallucinate which can harm quality if not checked…

Interesting. I know the likes of Bloomberg and other big publishers use AI for news but most stories are edited by humans before being published.


Do you have any idea about images on website? Which ai could have been used?

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There are so many AI image generators now, it could be any.

Image Creator by Microsoft (powered by Dall-e) (free)

List goes on.

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custom fine-tuned model for everything, not open source.

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Please stop pretending that anything “written” by AI is “news.” Please stop presenting this to people as though the contents might be true or otherwise potentially worth reading. This is a vicious, evil thing you are doing, and you know it. Nobody wants to read made-up nonsense that was made up by a research project. The only people who read news-type articles are people who want to be able to trust the thing they’re reading, and the only people who will read this are the people who are stupid enough to believe it.

Stop making the world worse.


Is there any truth to this? If so, it’s very dystopian, and I’d like to know which publications so I can focus on the ones worth reading instead.

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Agreed. AI is trained on text from a plethora of sources and often those sources do contain biases. It’s impossible to claim it’s not biased.


I realize some of you have a cursory understanding of how large language models work, and that they do indeed have a tendency to hallucinate, therefore they must be unreliable at the task of creating unbiased news. This is understandable. However, I am not using AI in the way you might assume/imagine. If what you’re saying is true, do me a little favor, find a single instance on the site where it’s saying something that isn’t true. What’s happening under the hood is far more complex than asking chatGPT to generate some content about something… I spent months figuring out how to do this in such a way that the content actually IS what it claims to be. Please, point to any evidence to prove me wrong.

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I have written many patents on different machine learning techniques. I assure you, my understanding of machine learning is not “cursory.” I’ve also used large language models, and obviously, they are incredibly unreliable. It’s hilarious that you think they can be anywhere near reliable, even when specialized to this extent. It’s especially hilarious that you think your model is somehow immune to bias–gee, what kind of training set and method could you possibly have used to negate its own biases?

No, I will not waste a second of my time fact-checking your pathetic little experiment for you. I don’t care if you spent years on this, I don’t care if you have a team of engineers with Ph.D.s in various machine learning applications, you did not invent and train a magical model that is immune to hallucination and to bias. I would sooner believe that you cured baldness and want to sell me the Brooklyn bridge for $25. I pity anybody who falls for your scam.

Take your site down, now.

You suggest my website has inaccurate information, yet you refuse to provide any evidence of that claim. You say it’s because you don’t want to “waste your time”, yet you waste much more of your time attacking random people on the internet, barking orders as if you have any authority whatsoever. Your argument is irrational, as demonstrated by your own words and actions. You’ve inadvertently confirmed that you actually have no basis for your argument against what I made, so I guess you’re bored/lonely and looking for some kind of attention or something? Anyways, you know, the nice thing about the internet, and freedom, is that if you don’t like something, you can simply not use it. Do you also whine and complain when grocery stores refuse to stop selling the foods you hate because in your view they’re unhealthy for people? Just because you don’t like something doesn’t mean you get to bark orders at people for it to go away. What a clown.