ChatGPT API Integration

Hello! I don’t know if it’s on the roadmap, but an integration with the ChatGPT API would be very welcome.

Recently, WordPress Jetpack started to take its first steps and that’s really cool. I’m a Ghost Pro user and I really wanted to see a solution like this, even if I have to pay for the consumption of the API.

While it feels like ther’s an arms race for every product to integrate AI as fast as possible, as a blog reader as well as a blog writer, I also have some dread about this.

It’s easy to envision a future where drowning in AI-generated content, trying to figure out what’s real and useful. That’s not to discount the real and useful scenarios for this, where the AI could write an outline and save some busy work, but it I think it’s important to have the conversation that this isn’t all upside.

Taking a little longer view, there could well be a backlash against AI content, with renewed interested in content that is by humans for humans.

Personally, I would rather sees this tool /not/ be in the core. Already you can use ChatGPT for outlines and just copy/paste the result-- not that hard. Or I could see a browser plugin help with this.

There’s also the issue that ChatGPT is just one of several LLMs that are already appearing. Google Bard is another. I’m not in a rush to get tied to the hot new thing in this category when there are several other competitors appearing.

Personally, I’d defer this until 2024.


I feel like this would harm the reputation of Ghost tbh.
Does a blog post that was written by an AI in 30 seconds really have value? Enough value to pay a subscription fee? I doubt it.

And even if there are use cases for AI as a writing aid, I feel like this is what people are going to take away from it.

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I came in to ask the same thing. I’m using a work-around (and indeed, am selling a guide on how to auto-publish on Ghost), but a native integration would be great.

Yes, AI output is not human quality (or at least, not high quality, I’ve seen plenty of people worse than GPT). But it is fantastically useful for organizing my ideas when drafting, outlining, and performing certain editing and formatting functions. Having it in-editor would be very handy.

I hope this is on the menu in the future.