Unlinked custom migration docs? (Working on Blogger→Ghost)

Howdy, y’all.

I’m working on migrating my Blogger blog to Ghost. I’m a software engineer by trade, and I’m building my own migration tool for the task. As far as docs are concerned, the Ghost migration page links to here, which is a great start:

But while Googling for something else, I discovered that …/content/ also exists, and is super helpful. I couldn’t find any links from the Ghost website to that page, though. Which makes me wonder what other helpful resources are lurking in the shadows.

In particular, right now I’m trying to figure out how to structure embedded images. I’m using medium_to_ghost as a reference (see medium_post_parser.py:91), but if there’s a better explanation of how the .zip import structure maps to the actual structure of the site, that would be super handy.

For the curious, here’s the current state:

You might want to use this PR as a reference (or check it out and use it to migrate):

Awesome; thanks for the reference. I can’t use it directly, because I wrote all of my posts directly in HTML mode, but it’s helpful to see another implementation, and to be able to look through some of the code of the migrate tool.

That said, if the structure is documented somewhere, it would still be nice to find that, rather than having to just go off of existing implementations. In particular, I have some routing changes in mind, and if I can prepare for those now, that seems like it’d be ideal.