Move my company medium blog to ghost

I am new to Ghost.
I need to move my company’s medium blog to host. Please guide me the steps and if I need any particular server to host.

I have installed ghost locally. It is showing four part in the code.

  1. content 2. current 3. massively 4. version
    I’m not getting what all 4 part of code is doing and how to customize the css.
    Please help me on this.

Thank you.

It’s not clear what you mean by “four part in the code” ?

Are you referring to the folders?

If so there should not be a massively folder in the install directory.

You can read more about what Ghost CLI does here, including the folder structure:

Thanks Hannah, For your reply.

I need to move my Medium blog to Ghost.
I have exported all the medium blog as zip file and whenever I am trying to import this .zip file in Ghost using Settings --> Labs --> Import content as Admin.
I am getting
Import failed
Request contains an unknown or unsupported file type.

It is really appreciable if you can help me on this.
I have attached the screen shot of unzip medium blog and Ghost Admin Page for your reference.

The Ghost import tool only supports Zips from Ghost, not from other platforms.

We have some documentation on how to migrate here:

Although it is due an overhaul as it is out of date. We have a suite of tools for migrating, including migrating from a medium zip to a Ghost zip here:

There is not yet any documentation - it’s a CLI tool that you install with npm globally e.g.

npm install --global @tryghost/migrate

And then you can run migrate --help to see all the options available to you.

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Thanks Hannah.

I am looking into it.