Untitled short form posts

What’s the best way to add support for untitled posts. Like one would normally add to Twitter or LinkedIn

You could edit your template so it doesn’t show post titles, and then just leave the title of your short posts blank?

The main challenge is that the {{title}} is used to generate the slug…

If you leave it blank Ghost auto-fills with (Untitled) - I tried ... and it ends up with a slug of post-2 etc.

I like @woubuc suggestions - why not set up as a collection in routes.yaml (Note I havent tested the #tweet tag handling, just inferred if from the docs)

    controller: channel
    template: custom-tweets
    filter: primary_tag:hash-tweet
    data: tag.hash-tweet      
    permalink: /tweet/{slug}/
    template:  custom-tweet
    filter: primary_tag:hash-tweet
    permalink: /{slug}/
    template:  index

You would then need to set up the two custom templates:

  • custom-tweets.hbs - which you should clone from index.hbs and then tweak
  • custom-tweet.hbs - which you should clone from post.hbs and then tweak

This is almost something that you might want to ask the Casper maintainers to add to the default theme :pray: