Help Wanted: Generate title from post instead of "Untitled"

Hey everyone,

Happy Holidays to you all! Hope everyone had some quiet days among loved ones, with lots of good food and drink :smile:. I wanted to follow up on my idea that I described in this post.

I would love for Ghost to automatically generate a small excerpt, 5 or 6 words and an ellipsis, in case there is no title specified. The same for the slug, with special characters stripped and spaces replaced with dashes. At the moment, the title will be auto generated to “Untitled”, and the slugs will be “untitled”, “untitled-2” etc. This should work via built-in editor and via API.

The reason why I want this change: I often have an idea and start typing. Thoughts that I need to write down, and which I later refine and extend. I feel that looking for a title is holding me back a lot, especially if it is not a post about a certain topic or thoughts that “meander” a bit. I would love to use an extended Dawn theme, which I would create and maintain myself.

I tried to implement the changes myself, but I am not a developer, and my JS or NodeJS knowledge is very limited. I tried to understand the flow and architecture within the application, but unfortunately I was not able to.

I have no idea how much effort it actually is to make these changes. I would be looking for someone who could assess the work that is needed and would be able to give me a cost estimate to implement the changes in a fork based on version 4.30.0. Once it works and is properly tested, we would make the code public and would create a pull request against the official repo and the Ghost team could decide if they wanted to include the changes into the official release.

Would anyone be interested? Or is this a completely stupid idea? Thoughts?