Unwanted duplication of posts

My site is up and running but I am hearing from users that there is duplication of posts appearing in both the home page (landing page) and the individual tabbed page.

We need more information. What theme is this? (Looks like edge?) What’s your routes.yaml look like? If this is a custom page, please include that code, too.

I am using Edge. I’m not sure how I reveal to you the yaml. I have not configured anything. It’s only these two posts, too.

Does this help?

There was an update to Edge two days ago that might address this issue. Can you ensure that you’re running the latest version of Edge?

Well, I just made it become an unwanted triplicate posts, so maybe now I know why. It’s because I changed the name in the URL?

How to I update the version of the template I am using? How do I check?

Check out this doc for instructions on updating to the latest version:

That might have worked. Thanks! Can you look at robwahlen.com to see if you find any duplicates?

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Looks fine; no duplicates.

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You’re duplicate free, my friend :smile:

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Looks like the photoswiper problem got fixed too! Awesome. Time to update my custom fork.