Update MySQL Password

Hello, thanks for your help in advance!

I recently forgot my MySQL Password so I decided to change it. Unfortunately, Ghost now doesn’t work since it cannot access the database. Can I update the password without rebuilding Ghost again? If so, how?

I’m locally running Ghost on an Ubuntu 18.04 server.

The Ghost database user shouldn’t be the same user as you for security purposes, but if that is currently the case, you’ll need to update the password in your ghost config (ghost config set database.connection.password {password} and then ghost restart)

Hmm, it seems like my Ghost MySQL database was deleted, is there any way I can recreate it without redownloading Ghost?

You can recreate the database but you won’t be able to recover the data that was there :confused: Are you sure it was deleted?

You might have some Ghost backups in the content/data folder of your installation which can help you get most of the way there. If you’re absolutely sure the database was removed, you will need to recreate the database and run ghost setup and update the database config