UpdateCollisionError when updating post?

I’m trying to update a post via the rest api, and getting an update collision error, but the client updated_at is more recent than the server updated_at? This seems wrong and I’m not sure if there’s something else I’m missing

    context: "Saving failed! Someone else is editing this post.",
    details: {
        clientUpdatedAt: "2020-04-22T22:59:36.061Z",
        serverUpdatedAt: "2020-04-22T22:46:04.000Z"
    help: null,
    id: "f0545b70-84ec-11ea-84e6-c392055a3ddc",
    message: "Saving failed! Someone else is editing this post.",
    property: null,
    type: UpdateCollisionError

As far as I’m aware, they need to be the same

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Ah okay, I thought it was supposed to be sending the time of the update, but that makes sense. Thank you!

I think the reasoning for this is that the field is basically a “version” - as long as both the server and client have the same update time, we can be sure the changes are valid :slight_smile: