Updating ghost: Help me, I dont know what I am doing sort of


I need help. I’m trying to update from version 1.21.1. No idea what i am doing. I’ve changed all the {{#author}} to {{#foreach authors}}…{{/foreach}} because that’s what it said to do, along with changing other author type things. i got my “ready to update grade” to change from an 87/100 to 93/100, so I’m feeling pretty good. Anyways if anyone could tell me what the heck is going on like you’re teaching this to a 3-year old that would be great!


I would like to help, but what is the problem?





I guess you missed to close a statement in author.hbs. I’d suggest to double check open and closing statements again.


By the grace of god, I somehow got it to 100%. Your tip helped a lot! Thanks!!

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