Get users not working in ghost latest version

        ``` {{#get "users" include="count.posts"}}
                 {{#foreach users}}
              {{/get}} ```

Not Working In Home Page And Other Pages in Ghost 2.12 .0 version. i think it’s a bug. please fix the bug.


The Content API v2 renamed users to authors.

Could you please try this instead:

{{#get "authors" include="count.posts"}}
  {{#foreach authors}}

I will review our docs to double check if that is clear :slight_smile:


Thanks A Lot . It Works Properly Now.


Thats good… But it makes a trouble for us as we used “users” in all of our old theme. Now if our customers update the ghost then theme will not work. Ghost team should not change this type of sensible api information. I checked API docs too, it was not updated… So need to be careful more i think.

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