Updating Member Does Not Update Subscription Customer

This is in local dev with Stripe CLI listening.

When a member updates their email address via the portal account/profile link, the Strip customer info on Ghost’s side is not updated.

To be clear: Stripe updates as expected, and Ghost Member updates as expected.
Specifically, the values not getting updated are: member.subscriptions.0.customer.email

In the database, the expected member_email_change_event does record the change, and, as mentioned, the member’s email and name are also updated as expected.

But on template side, when using a foreach on @member.subscriptions the old (original) value is shown for {{customer.email}} and the change is not reflected.

Quick solution is to use {{@member.email}} instead, of course, but posting this in case that Subscription Customer info is supposed to/expected to be updated and isn’t.

Stripe CLI version: 1.7.9
Ghost version: latest

I found a similar note on this here without any further details or discussion.

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