Updating SQLite schema on custom release?


I’m working on a custom Ghost version and thus have to update the SQLite schema for an existing Ghost setup. I need three additional columns in the table posts. Manually adding them to the SQLite database works fine.

Updating with my custom release zip is working fine, frontend and backend contents are updated properly.
Just the database part is unclear to me.

I found this old post with following comment:

  • Note: at the time of writing, automatic database migrations only work for adding and removing entire tables. Adding and removing columns is coming soon, and making modifications to columns themselves will come later.

Source: https://ghost.org/changelog/database-migrations/

Is there any status for this?

And if not, how can I update the database schema while updating from an custom zip using the command ghost update --zip /home/ghostdev/Ghost/.dist/release/Ghost-3.15.3.zip --force?

I already updated the schema.js file.

@Burak Ghost uses knex-migrator on startup to run migrations and update the database schema, you can find the migrations in core/server/data/migrations/versions

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Oh, damn, I missed that folder. Thank you! :slight_smile: