Upgrade from v.11.7 on DO Ubuntu 16.04

Several years ago I installed Ghost using the marketplace build and upgraded it a couple of times. Then it became my oft-neglected personal blog. The server is definitely in need of some updates but when I do them it seems Ghost breaks.

I’ve gone through a ton of docs on trying to get my content migrated but keep hitting a brick wall. The latest when I created a fresh 16.04.06 droplet and installing v1 manually only to get to an error message that my config file is not valid JSON.

I’m looking for any way to get v1 set up somewhere so I can import the content and then set up a fresh Ghost install with the latest version and import my content. Heck, I’d pay you so I can just get to blogging again. It’s lightly used but has years of stuff.


Did you drop your 0.x config into this installation? If so, that won’t work since iirc, Ghost switched from a js to json format. All config.*.json files should be valid json, and you can check that by using something like https://jsonlint.com/

Hope this helps!

No, I was doing a totally fresh install so I couldn’t figure out why it was showing my config file as invalid.

Oh, that’s fun :confused: how did you install Ghost?

I was using Ghost’s instructions for Ubuntu, I’m assuming I may have messed something up during the steps and might have another try at it but have to walk away from it for a bit.