Upgrade Ghost Blocks to Blocks like Notion

It would be awesome if Ghost used blocks similar to Notion or even just identical to Notion’s block system. Ghost is so close to being amazing, it sucks that it just isn’t as fully developed as Notion’s.

This feature would make Ghost a killer CMS.

Here’s a snippet:

Or if anyone can point me in the right direction on how to contribute towards this feature, please let me know! I could try and persuade my university to have this as my dissertation theme (long shot but still worth it).

Also, looking back, this feature request is quite vague. My apologies. But to understand the full depth of this you’d have to be familiar with Notion otherwise I’ll have a hard time trying to sell it :joy: However, I’ll try:

  • Keyboard accessible menu for blog formatting “/” key to access all types of blocks then type the block short key “code” and hit enter. This will speed up writing blogs
  • Way more useful blocks. The current Ghost editor is primitive. Ghost has the potential of being far more powerful and useful. Headings isn’t particularly nice in current Ghost and there’s a lot of formatting features left out – sure these could be added with code injections but wouldn’t it be awesome to be integrated within Ghost itself? How much quicker would that be?
  • Features such as already having prism.js enabled in code blocks so colour coordinated code in most languages out of the box is not even an issue. Another awesome feature is colouring text both text colour and background colour. Having callout cards to pop a message on the blog.
  • Advanced features such as embedding databases with certain views so you could share a gantt like timeline of your projects or a kanban board.

Agree, this could be wonderful.

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This is currently possible. You type /, then you start typing the block you need and when you hit Enter, it adds the block. It doesn’t have as many blocks as Notion does, but the / command works exactly the same.

Screen Recording 2021-08-03 at 23.55.49


Good shout! Thanks

Joel Spolsky published this a couple of weeks ago: Making the web better. With blocks! – Joel on Software

and in the article he highlights https://blockprotocol.org/ — a project for an open standard for blocks in CMS editors. Would be absolutely ace if Ghost were compliant, or even a signatory and/or contributor to the project/open standard.

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