Upload post image fails . Something went wrong :(

Ghost-CLI version: 1.13.1
Ghost version: 3.5.0

When I try to upload post image I get an error that is not very informative: “Something went wrong :-(”
In error.log I see this:
at Function.process_params (/var/www/ghost/versions/3.5.0/node_modules/express/lib/router/index.js:335:12)"},"msg":"Authorization failed","time":"2020-03-26T09:51:25.716Z","v":0}
Where can I troubleshoot this?

@asle did you solve this issue? I’m experiencing the same problem

I upgraded to latest Ghost
Ghost-CLI version: 1.13.1
Ghost version: 3.13.3
node: v12.13.0

I had a lot of problems updating and not sure why I had to downgrade every time I tried to upgrade. It finally worked. Upload is working fine now. Btw. if you have trouble upgrading make sure your Ghost-CLI er latest version. Instead of banging your head against the wall, just do an export of posts, take care of your image folder and reinstall and import. Luckily I did not have to do that. But that was my last option. And also I checked everything related to folder permissions but that was not the problem as i thought.

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I found that I can always fix this by removing the ghost container as well as the letsencrypt one. After restarting LE ans ghost, uploading works fine again, so I am guessing it’s some reverse proxy issue of some sort