Unable to upload images after IP change and Ghost version upgrade

When attempting to upload an image, I’m given the following error:

Request was rejected due to server error

Steps to recreate:

  • Edit or create a post
  • Add a gallery, click to add image, browse and select image, or
  • Drag and drop an image file into the browser

Error log is empty. Is there a Docker environmental variable I can set to invoke verbose logging?

Important notes:

  • Recently changed the host server’s IP address, from .31 to .20 on the same internal subnet
  • Recently upgraded to 4.9.4

Not sure which of the above is the root cause. Following the IP change, the site is loading both on the LAN and publicly. Post creation and editing (text) still functions correctly; the only issue is with adding images. Is there potentially a step I missed which could be causing this?


Using Firefox
Deployed via https://hub.docker.com/_/ghost
Ghost-CLI version: 1.17.3
Ghost version: 4.9.4 (at /var/lib/ghost)
node: v14.17.3
yarn: 1.22.5
gosu: 1.12 (go1.13.10 on linux/amd64; gc)

If Ghost’s error log is empty it’s likely the error is occurring before the request gets to Ghost. I’d suggest looking at your web server’s logs instead.

Thanks. Just occurred to me to check web dev tools, and now I think I need to check nginx’s logs because I’m not even sure the web server in the Ghost container is involved in this error.

Root cause was a hard drive issue on the nginx server. Really odd failure symptoms that nginx would still accept and process GET traffic yet fail on PUT, but there you go.