Uploaded Images colour profile stripped

When an image is uploaded it seems to be stripped of the colour profile information, which is needed for certain browsers to display them properly.

Is there a setting to fix this?

Thanks for your help.

Hey @rollbahn! At the moment Ghost is stripping uploaded images of all metadata (EXIF, XMP, IPTC) along with resizing the image to max 2000px.

The only way to avoid metadata removal is to disable image optimization completely - Configuration - Adapt your publication to suit your needs

If this is some specific case, getting an example image you are trying to upload would help :slight_smile:

Thanks very much for the reply and help - I eventually figured that out but was unable to delete this post. I changed the conf file and the colour profile and double images are now all gone thankfully. Not a great idea to be stripping colour profiles by default.

The compression options could definitely be improved. The default of stripping metadata was chosen to reduce image size as much as possible without additional configuration. The library that is doing the resizing under the hood has an option to keep metadata, that might be a good idea to investigate and contribute to the codebase :wink:

It’s actually extremely critical to strip meta data by default. Cameras and browsers both have a concept of orientation meta data, but nobody has standardised or agreed on how that should be implemented or handled, so 50% of the images get rotated 90 degrees and displayed in the wrong orientation by the browser - which is a nightmare that affects the majority of all users and inconveniences them.

Additionally photo meta data has a very unfortunate habit of leaking private user information including identity and location, which is not at all desirable.

The defaults in Ghost are designed to handle the most common usecases which affect the majority of users. If you’re using advanced colour profiles that require special handling, then you are - by definition - operating in a specialist environment which doesn’t make sense for most people.

You can disable image optimisation completely if you want full control, as Naz has already mentioned above - or you can swap out Ghost’s image handling entirely and use a service like Cloudinary for advanced image handling:


There are plenty of options available to you.

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