Uploaded images should be in automatic webp format

Hello, I never get tired of saying this in every forum post, and I will continue to express my thoughts. I love using Ghost software, and I am always happy to share my ideas to help it improve.

I manually convert and upload images to the webp format without using the automatic format conversion feature. This process is quite time-consuming, but it would be great if there were an automatic format conversion feature.

My desired feature in Ghost software is automatic conversion of images to the webp format. This means that when any image in JPG or any other format is uploaded to the system, Ghost automatically converts it to the webp or AVIF format. I believe implementing such a feature would be beneficial.

When automatically converted to the mentioned formats, the SEO impact of the uploaded images would be better, improving site performance in search results. I hope to see this image format conversion feature in Ghost software, as I think it would be beneficial for Ghost. Thank you in advance to everyone.

Great feature!!!

I’m tired of doing it manually

WebP is enabled in Ghost, but not in the admin interface as an option ‘Always convert to WebP’ which would be smooth, it is in the theme files (Ghost .hbs files) using a format parameter in the img_url helper.

<img src="{{img_url feature_image size="small" format="webp"}}">

so… you can download the theme file, and add format="webp" to image tags, and re-upload the theme. Formats are webp, avif, png, jpg or gif.

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Thank you for your answer. What advantage will this process bring?

For example, when I upload a JPEG format image, will Google recognize it as a WebP format?

Yes, Ghost will convert your jpeg/png into the webp image format.

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