URL Structure and Mix of static and dynamic content

I would very much appreciate your help for two issues I have.
Ghost 3.40 and the design theme ‚nurui‘ is in use.

  1. I need to have an URL-structure with directories for navigational structure (and especially for indexing in search engines) and I tried to use templates, routes and collections to achieve it, but failed. Maybe someone can help me. I would very much appreciate it.

What is the best way to get this URL-structure?
I want something like this:

topics overview: www.example.com/topics

topic: www.example.com/topics/topic1

topic detail page: www.example.com/topics/topic1/detail

Right now I am not able to get the topic detail page (it always creates the last URL part with a - instead of a /). How can I manage to get a third level/subcategory?

  1. Every page besides the overview pages needs static content. I also need to have some pages like the homepage that have some static content and also dynamic posts beneath the static text.

For the homepage I created this template. Can you tell me where I need to add what code in order to display the newest postings beneath the content of the page? :

{{!< default}}
{{#is “home”}}
{{!-- Main --}}






Thank you!