Use for embeds?

Hi ghost-devs,

First of all — thanks for Ghost, It’s absolutely amazing!

When using YouTube’s “Share” button to generate embed code, you can check a box to “Enable privacy-enhanced mode.” which changes the video’s URL from “{{videoID}}” to “{{videoID}}”

It looks like Ghost’s YouTube embed card doesn’t use this, it would be great if the native embed card switched to the -nocookie domain by default, or offered an opt-in checkbox to use this setting (maybe in the Labs panel?).

Thanks again! :beers:


What you can do is copy the iframe code that youtube provides you and past it as html. and its the same thing as if you did an embed. untill they add the youtube-nocookie domain as an extra thing.

Ghost uses the oembed spec for handling embeds. The way this works is that Ghost makes a request to the provider, in this case YouTube, and gets some html code back which is inserted into the embed card. YouTube does not currently support getting nocookie type embeds in that manner.

If you need to generate “advanced privacy” YouTube embeds you will need to go through the manual embed route of copy/pasting embed html into an html card.

Got it, I figured it might be something like that. I’ve been manually embedding using the HTML card, so I’ll keep doing that. :+1:

Thanks again!