Using a text editor with Ghost

Hi All,

since I am preparing a website that contains lots of mathematics in some pages, I would like to be able to use an external editor for them. I understand that Ghost goes best with the standard powerful editor that comes with it, but I have a slightly different user-case for this project.

Do you have any ideas or comments on how this could work for me? Is there any way I could switch to an external editor (Vim in my case) for some posts, and then pass them to Ghost? Copying/pasting is not really what I want to do here, because some of these pages should be re-edited at some point.


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With the v3 version of Ghost, there are an admin API ! Maybe you can create an implementation with vim !

Just use MathJax and preview when you need to check your equations. Why is this not good enough?

Because when there are a lot of equations, and complicated ones, it is more practical and faster to type them in my editor, also being able to see some decent indentation, and then send them.

It’d be nice if someone would actually work on this. :metal:

Like some neovim plugin that calls ghost apis