Extending the Editor

Hi there,

i’m webdeveloper and worked with classic CMS and GoHugo and VueJS before. I love the subscription model of Ghost and the Editor and i would like to migrate my Personal Page (hugo) and my Outdoor Page to Ghost CMS (hugo + VueJS).

I’m playing around building my own Theme with Tailwind and so far i’m quite happy with Ghost. But i need some customizations. As Example: I need to embed IFrames that only load the content after confirmation of the user (because of GDPR). I could use HTML Block and try to insert JS, but this is quite “clunky”. I rather want to create my own “plugin” for the Editor.

I find alot of information about webhooks and so on, but i need to extend the functionality from the Editor itself.

Can i create plugins for the editor somehow?

Best Regards