Using Activepieces open-source Zapier alternative to send an automated welcome email

For anyone else who is wondering if it’s possible: I have successfully ported the instructions for sending an automated, custom welcome email with Zapier to use the open-source Zapier alternative Activepieces.

Activepieces doesn’t seem to have their own email sending the way Zapier does, so I used Postmark (which is what I’m using for transactional email). I’m sure mailgun would work too.

The only tricky part was realizing that I had to put the Postmark SMTP Access key (username, essentially) in the Activepieces SMTP connection “email” field, and the secret key as the password.

To ensure compliance, I also took the unsubscribe stuff from the footer of a test Ghost email, pasted it in at the bottom of the welcome email, using the UUID from the “member created” trigger in place of “example-uuid”.


founder of Activepieces here, if you think the experience can get better, please let us know in the feature requests on our community, and thanks for writing this up!