Using ghost as corporate blog and make some post only visible to employees

I would like to use ghost as the community/corporate blog platform.

There are three access level in documentation: Public, Subscribed and paid.

I want to make some blog post only accessible by the employees. Basically they will be internal posts. Instead of paid user access level, I need an access level for employees.

Some post will be for public access. Every body should be able to read them.
Some post will be for subscribed users. Any registered person should be able to read them.
Some post will be for members/employees(internal posts). If a registered user is a member/employee, only they should be able to read the post.

Instead of paid subscribers, I need a machanism to tag subscribed users as the member in order to let them see the internal posts.

Is there any work around in order to fulfill this requirement.

Thanks in advance.

Can be done. Thoughts & details here: How to run your editorial workflow in Ghost

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