How are readers of my content categorized (members vs. non-members) and tracked?

My client would like to create a Ghost site that would for now be solely internal, aka accessible only to company employees. There is consideration for potentially allowing the public to view select content in the future. My understanding is that there is a system for dividing site visitors into paying/non-paying users, aka members vs. non-members - can this system be converted into internal vs. external site viewers?

Additionally, for analytics purposes, how would visitors to the site be tracked? Employees at the client’s company would share the same IP address, so there is a need to track individual visitors by something else such as by a company email.

This isn’t a common use case of the Members beta feature and there’s no way to determine internal/external site viewers specifically, but you could use Ghost for this purpose using the access levels that are available.

The simplest solution would be to disallow free member signup, turning the site into an invite-only members publication. Then you can import or add employees as required, which will give them access to content that is published as Members-only.

For analytics on a per-member basis, I’d recommend integrating with a product analytics tool like Amplitude.