Using Ghost CMS as our main app database API?

How can we add fields to the database with the ghost Javascript API? We like to use this as our main database. So we will need to extend both the post as well as the user records with some of our app related fields.

At minium we would need to have one field where we are free to read/write a complete json string which we can use to store information, again for both the user and the post records…

Ghost does not support custom fields, and is not a database app. I would recommend using a tool which does what you’re looking for. Ghost is a publishing platform.

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The intended use is a publish platform. We were just looking for some additional flexibility so not to have a complete separate API in parallel… And a simple “note” field or “options” would not have been too bad, would it ? :wink:

But ok, point taken…

You didn’t ask for a “simple note field”. You asked for a database to store custom values and user records for an outside application, including specifically support for read/write of a complete json string.


yes… true. Still we could happily use that simple note field to store any string.

Ghost would not even know we would:

JSON.stringify({ 'myparam': 1234 })
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