Custom data fields?

I’ve setup ghost to be a headless cms, but I some questions regarding the data:
Can you add custom fields or post/page data either through the admin API or the admin interface somewhere?
Can i only see and modify the points of data available in the template?

It seem pretty limiting to only allow what’s in the template considering the headless route ghost is headed, but maybe I’m missing something.

Hi @austinthetaco, what kind of custom field are you trying to add? You might be able to utilise existing options within Ghost :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @DavidDarnes Maybe it would make more sense for me to tell what i’m trying to accomplish: i’m trying to create a catch-all site for my content. part dev blog, part dev portfolio, and part photography portfolio. I’d really like a way to flag posts as different types so that i could render each category on a separate page (i.e. a “my photos” page that contains a series of posts, each post containing multiple pictures).

Ah I see. In that case you probably want to look into custom collections that let you filter items into different collections, like portfolio or photography:

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That probably works well enough on handlebars, unfortunately I’m using gatsby. Are you suggesting the main way to have my pages is to just filter on tags? That unfortunately doesn’t let me generate new collections in the ghost admin that will generate a new collection page without locking up my ability to use primary tags for other purposes.

If you’re only going to be creating a couple of new collections then you won’t need that functionality in the admin surely?