Using the ghost platform for non blogging websites

For making some clients’ corporate websites, my biz partner always chooses WordPress and we slap some theme we get from themeforest but now I’m seriously considering using ghost.

Question - Is ghost mainly meant for only blogging ? In WordPress, there is a section called Pages where we create pages of the website like home, about etc.

Can we do the same using ghost ? Like - not using ghost as a blog platform but using it to create marketing / corporate websites etc ?

You can absolutely do that.

However, you’ll have to do a lot of things on your own and that involves dabbling with HTML, CSS and Handlebar.

Using WP with the new drag and drop Gutenberg is of course easier for customization.

Regarding theme I can edit any way - but my biz partner is saying he should be able to edit pages’ content as easily as wordpress.

The text content can be easily edited even if it is on pages.

However, if the pages have different design, then it’s not straightforward.

I think the best way for you to find it out would be to experiment with running a dummy client site on Ghost and see how it goes.

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I did signup for ghost pro on trial mode. The menu options are far fewer.

  1. What if I wanted some plugin like we have in WordPress ?
  2. Can I create my own nodeJS Ghost plugin and upload ?

You don’t really need Ghost Pro here. Just use DigitalOcean with their one click Ghost deployment. Ghost Pro restricts theme change I think (I maybe wrong).

I am not a theme developer. I am merely a user who started switching his websites to Ghost 2 years ago.

Things are not the same here as WordPress. The plugin support is limited. You won’t find a Plugin economy like WordPress here.

Ghost always has been a content focused platform which has switched its focus on newsletter recently and thrived on it.

So if you wanted a plugin, you’ll have to look for SAAS that could work similarly on non-WP sites.

I am not knowledgable enough to comment about nodeJS Ghost plugin question, unfortunately :frowning:


Regarding 2: Ghost has a robust API you can use to interface a lot of things with. But any third-party app won’t be a plugin, not in the WordPress sense. You will likely need to host it on a different server.

Seconding @Abhishek_Prakash: I would also do some experiment, and see if Ghost is a good fit for your use case. Ghost is really different from WordPress. It does some things (incredibly) better, especially newsletters. For the rest, it really depends.