Using IPTC data for caption?

Is it possible to pull the “caption” or “description” metadata in an image for use as the caption in the post? Could this functionality be added?

I think that’s an interesting idea. I have no idea if it’s doable. But I’m under the impression that with Ghost image optimization turned on - which it is by default - there won’t be any IPTC or other data to pull from, as Ghost strips the metadata.

You could turn off the optimization of course, but that would be regrettable as it’s a good and useful feature.

A solution would be some sort of segmentation in Ghost settings so that you could have the image resizing and compression, but not the stripping of metadata. This feature does not exist as of now. I think that it was asked for a couple of times here pretty long ago.

An additional benefit would be that this would play well with Google image licensing, which as of now it does not.

I fully admit that I am asking this to save me some (a lot of) time. I use some UnSplash images, but many of our images are of necessity about topics the UnSplash doesn’t cover. Over the past five years, I’ve gathered a large number (hundreds) of images that we use, often repeatedly, each with the attribution in the caption. So, pulling the image caption out of that image’s metadata would be a big boon to me.

STAFF – any chance of having this functionality added to Ghost?